Fresh Berries: Proper Storage and Handling

This article discusses fresh berry handling, storage and tips for improved shelf-life.

Fresh berries are a member favorite. When in season, they are succulent, flavorful and enjoyed by people of all ages. Because they are so beloved, we often receive requests to carry varieties of berries year-round and are happy to do so when they are available.

It is important to know that berries of all varieties are the most delicate and fragile fruits available. They are typically picked at the peak of ripeness and kept in a low humidity environment until they reach your door.

To ensure you are able to fully enjoy your berries, here are some tips to keeping them delicious: 

Organic berries are free of pesticides and herbicides significantly reducing their shelf life.

  • Members should expect organic berries to remain fresh for 3-5 days.


Although most berries are packed with Vitamin C, their vitamin density deteriorates more quickly than other fruit.

  • To get the most out of your berries, consume or freeze them within 2-3 days.

When freezing strawberries, cut them into smaller pieces and be sure to remove any bad spots and stems! Frozen berries can be enjoyed for up to one year.


Berries are very susceptible to humidity and temperature related problems.

  • Berries should be washed, fully dried and stored in a low humidity crisper drawer when received.

White Vinegar is a berries best friend. Try washing your berries with a mixture of 1 part White Vinegar to 5 parts water solution. The pH of the vinegar will kill any mold causing bacteria on your berries while rinsing with water afterward will ensure the vinegar won't alter their taste!


Lastly, it is not uncommon for berries to arrive with some having bad/soft spots and mold generating bacteria present, especially in organic varieties.

  • One bad berry does not ruin the bunch! While you clean your berries, simply remove any soft, mushy or bad berries prior to storing.

Store your berries with dry paper towels in their clamshell container or in a fresh/dry plastic bag, replacing with new/dry towels often. Water is the enemy of berries, so the drier the environment the better.


If you need to request a credit for berries you received that did not meet your expectations, please choose “Submit a Request” at the top of this page.



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    Haley Carter

    These tips are great. It took me a while to find them. I'm getting a mini watermelon for the first time this week and wondered how long to ripen it. Maybe you should have something on the ordering page that let's folks know you have these tips?

    Anyway, thanks for having them.

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