How to reset your password

This article discusses the procedure to reset your password.

Passwords may be reset as many times as needed, must utilize one capital letter and also contain at least one number. Passwords never expire and may be used more than once. 

  • Below the Log In button, click Forgot Your Password?”
  • You will be taken to this screen:

  • Enter the primary email address associated with your account.
  • Click the Recover Password button. 
  • A temporary reset password link will be immediately sent to the email address entered, but must match the primary email associated with the account on file.

The 'Reset you password' link is only valid for 10 minutes after it is sent. If the link expires, you may request another recovery link as many times as needed to successfully change your password. If the linked page displays an invalid token or expired error, this may be a result of the timer running out or the primary email account on file not matching what was entered on the Password Recovery screen. 

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