Understanding Store Icons

This article details the many icons you will encounter in our store, explains what they mean and how best to utilize them

For instructions on how to add items to your "favorites" list or to have them "recur" with every delivery, see article Setting Favorites And Recurring Items

In the store you will find an easy to navigate layout with images and descriptions of every product, indicating the products source, its features and qualities. 

Our store is designed to accommodate various preferred shopping methods. Some members appreciate seeing sales first, or shopping from their list of favorites. Others appreciate having items recur with every delivery, while many desire to shop specifically from a select group of products that are new or featured. To accommodate each of these preferences, there are some important "icons" you will see throughout the store indicating each attribute.

Specifically, these icons are designed to help you determine:

  • What items are new or "featured"
  • Which items are on "sale"
  • Preferences or "favorite" items
  • Items you have set to receive or "recur" with each delivery

While shopping, by clicking one of these icons on the store menu, the store will sort and only show you items with those qualities.


Here is a picture and description of each icon:

Featured Product 

Featured products are set by the Green BEAN team and can be viewed throughout the store. These items may be new or promoted on the Healthy Times Blog in a recipe. If these items are on sale, they items will also carry the sale item icon. 

Sale Item 

Sale items are just that - on sale, so grab them while you can! Sales vary from week to week, are only available during the store open hours, and change often. Most sale items are available in limited quantities, so members are encouraged to put them in their carts as soon as you see them. Once in your cart, the price and quantity you selected are "locked in" for that week, unless you remove* them from your cart before Monday at 12pm (noon). Sales items are the default page view of the grocery section.

*Removing sale items from your cart while the store is open, may result in items becoming unavailable if they sell out before you are able to add them back to your cart - even if the store is still open. Removing an item for your online cart is the equivalent to putting an item back on the shelf, whereas someone may come along and grab it before you were able to put it back into your cart. Many sale items are limited in quantity.

Favorite Item

Favorite items allow you to sort the store by those items you regularly add to an order or wish to revisit at a later time. Using favorites makes it easy to find those items you enjoy most in a store of 1,000's of items.  

Recurring Item  Article: Setting favorites and recurring items

Recurring items are determined by you and will arrive with every delivery in any quantity you desire. 


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