Setting favorites and recurring items

This article discusses how to select, change, and remove items from your favorites and also how to make a grocery item 'recur' with every delivery.

If you are looking for a guide to understanding icons and symbols in our store, see article: Understanding Store Icons

Your favorite and recurring items may be updated when logged into your account anytime during store hours: Thursdays at 3pm until the following Monday at 12pm (noon) prior to a scheduled delivery.

How to choose Favorite Items 

  1. On the top right side of the screen, click the Your Bin tab.
  2. You'll be directed to the store and Step 1: Select Bin Produce.
  3. Find the items you wish to favorite.
  4. Click on the product name link under the product image which will take you to the product information page.
  5. Under the Add to Bin button, click the gray heart icon. The icon will turn red and you will have succesfully added the item as a favorite.
  6. To remove an item from your favorites, click the red heart icon until it returns to gray.
  7. Continue to Step 2: Add Groceries and follow steps 3-6 to select favorite grocery items.

Recurring Items 

After selecting your produce items, continue to Step 2: Add GroceriesAs you locate items which you desire to receive with every delivery, here are the steps which allow you to receive them with every delivery.

  1. Click on the product name link under the product image which will take you to the product information page.
  2. Under the Add to Bin button, click the gray icon next to Recurring. The icon will turn blue indicating you have successfully added the item as recurring.
  3. A white text box will then pop up so that you may select the product quantity you wish to receive with every delivery. You can modify the quantity at any time by simply going through this process again and changing the number desired.
  4. Click the Save button to add this quantity to every order.
  5. To remove an item from your recurring order, click the blue icon until it returns to gray, or click the green Remove Recurring Item button.

Important note: Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables cannot be added as recurring items because produce availability changes weekly. Some artisanal and limited availability groceries may also be unavailable to set to recurring. 


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    Brian N.

    Some members have noted that with the "new store" recurring items are required to be delivered with each delivery. This is indeed the case, recurring items may only be added on a every delivery basis. We hope however that in a future update this can be changed.

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