Warehouse Pickup and Workplace Delivery

This article discusses how to change your delivery type to warehouse pickup, or to workplace delivery with a "deliver by" time. 

To learn how to update your home address, see article: Change Delivery Address

Warehouse Pickup

Here are the steps necessary to change your home or workplace delivery to a warehouse pickup. Warehouse pickups are ideal for members who do not live or work in our delivery area, or as a temporary pickup location while you move or your home is unavailable for delivery.  

1. While logged into your account, select the Deliveries Tab.  

2. Under Delivery Preferences, select the Warehouse Pickup check box.

3. Call or email Member Services to indicate which day you would like to pick up your bin* at the warehouse. Phone: 844-476-2326. Email: 

*Pickup is only available from 12 - 4pm Tues., Wed., Thurs., or Fri.

4. Click the Save Changes button. 

It is important to note that although the Delivery Location field can be altered, it is not acknowledged or used with warehouse pickups.

Workplace Delivery 

For many members, workplace delivery is the way to go. Your bin is delivered to where you work by the time you specify, along with your empty bins being picked up as well. This option is ideal for members who live outside of our delivery areas or desire a different delivery day. And, although the delivery schedule is still fixed to the workplace address, many times it is different than the address of the member's home. 

Here are the necessary steps to change your home delivery or warehouse pickup to workplace delivery. 

1. While logged into your account, select the Deliveries Tab.  

2. Under Delivery Preferences, choose the Location Type dropdown and select Business.

 3. A new field will populate allowing you to choose a Delivery By* time. 


*Currently deliver by times are available from 4:00pm - 9:00pm. If you select a time other than 9:00pm, our routing team will verify whether or not it is possible
to guarantee arrival by the time selected. If it is not possible, our Member Support team will contact you to discuss other arrangements.
4. Now select an option from the Delivery Location drop down menu.
5. Input any important or pertinent instructions for our delivery team into the Delivery Instructions field. 
6. Lastly, click the Save Changes button.  
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