Update Billing Information

This article describes how to update your billing information on your account.

  • After you have logged into your account, select the Account tab.


  • Under 'Billing Information' on the bottom left side of the page, select Add Card.


  • Enter your new billing information.
  • Check the Make This My Primary Card box.
  • Select Save Changes to finalize.


  • Note: you will have to click Add Card even if the expiration date is the only change to the card on file. This is due to our enhanced security measures to protect the privacy of your billing information.
  • If you experience difficulty updating your billing information, contact Member Support at 844-476-BEAN. 

Billing Schedule

Green BEAN Delivery will bill your credit card on the day of your delivery. If the payment does not process, we will attempt to bill your card again on the following Monday. 

Past Due Balances and Late Cancellations

For information on paying a past due balance, see Paying a Past Due Balance.

For information on cancelling an order before it is billed, see Suspend One or More Deliveries or Cancelling an order After the Online Store Closes


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