How your information is stored (securely)

This article discuss how your personal and financial information is stored. 

Being an online company, Green BEAN Delivery values information security and the importance of safe information storage in the digital age. We appreciate your business and the fact that you trust us with your personal and financial information. We make the use and secure storage of this information a top priority.

Data gathered by Green BEAN Delivery throughout registration and in our online store is protected in multiple ways.

1. Access to your (non-financial) personal information is limited to a small group of staff via a secure sign on. They will never share or provide any personal information to anyone but the member who provided it. We will never sell or distribute this information to, or with, a third party.

2. Your financial data (credit card information) is viewable by this same small team of Green BEAN staff, but only in an incomplete view; ensuring information cannot be gathered or replicated by them. For identity verification purposes, you may be asked to provide the type of primary card on file, its last 4 digits and/or its cvv. You should never be asked for more than these items, and never for any other purpose than identity verification.

3. When your financial information is accessed by our payment verification system, it is done via a secure 124bit encrypted connection that utilizes SSL certification through the “VeriSign” service.  This is the industry standard in high end data security. You can rest assured that the integrity and safety of your data is being protected 24/7/365.

4.18.14 - Green BEAN Delivery and its websites were not affected in any way by the "Heart Bleed" virus. 

Where to find the “CVV” code on your Visa or Mastercard:

Where to find you “CVV” code on your American Express:


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