Where does our food come from? (Source Labels)

At Green BEAN Delivery, we believe you have a right to know where your food was made and who made it. 

The majority of items sold in our online store (especially produce and artisanal goods) have a "source label". This label will indicate the city, state, region, or country from which an item was sourced. Many local items will also list the farm from where the item was sourced.

Source Labels

When viewing items in the online store, the easiest place to see where an item was sourced is directly under the product picture as this picture shows:

Product Type: Product Origin:
OG - Certified Organic IN, OH, etc. - US State of Origin
SG - Sustainably Grown MW - Regional Midwest Product
(Grown without the use of chemicals) US - United States Product
For more information, visit our blog) CA - Canadian Product
CV - Conventionally Grown MX - Mexican Product      


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