Change delivery address

This article discusses how to alter your delivery address.

If you would like to change your membership to a workplace delivery with delivery time constraints or to a warehouse pickup, see article: Changing delivery to your workplace or to warehouse pickup

Life happens and moving is hard. Getting your Green BEAN Delivery at your new address shouldn't be. The below steps will make changing your delivery arrangement with us as easy as possible. The below steps and considerations will assist you in this process and also minimize the possibility of service interruption. When changing your delivery address, here are a few things we ask that you consider:

Where your delivery address plots on any of the above linked maps, will determine the day your deliveries are made. Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver to any address which does not fall into these areas, nor are we able to provide deliveries on days different from those displayed.

  • If you change your address during a week when you have a scheduled delivery. We will need to know if you are able to receive this week’s delivery at the old address.
  • If you are unable to accept this week’s delivery at the old address, please call us or submit a support request as soon as possible.

Here are the steps to change your delivery address and subsequently your subscription.

1. While logged in to your account, select the Deliveries tab.

2. Click the Change Address button.

3. In the pop-up window, you can change your Delivery Address, Location Type, and specific location where you would like your bin placed or ‘Delivery Drop Type’.

4. Once you have entered all of the pertinent information, click Change Address to update the delivery address.

5. A map will appear asking you to confirm the location of your house or business. If the red pin is in the correct location, click . You may zoom in or choose satellite view to make doubly sure that the marker is set correctly.

6. If your address is not appearing correctly on the map, check that it was typed in correctly by clicking Re-enter Address to look it up again. If Google Maps is still unable to find your address, please submit a support request so that we can use a secondary mapping service to verify.


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